Super Structures
Gaziantep Children Hospital

Taxiway, Aprons and Hangars for Aircrafts and Helicopters, Office and Service Buildings at Kabul International Airport

General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) Gen. Mng. Social Complex

Kabul International Airport Project

Central Police Lodgings

Hancagiz Plain Irrigation

Elbistan E-Type Detention Facility

Lower Ceyhan Andirin Plain Irrigation

Sivas E-Type Detention

Karasu - Akbulak Irrigation

Unye Psychiatry Hospital

Upper Harran Plain Irrigation
Main Canal

Kadir Has Cultural Center Complex

Sanliurfa Plain Irrigation No:2

Intellectual Property Campus Building

Harran Plain Irrigation Contract No:5

AyFrost Frozen Foods Production Plant

Sanliurfa Tunnels Completion

Aydeniz Group Headquarters

Hasancik Dam

1st Service Building for MIT

Turkoglu - Kizilinis Dam

Aydeniz Prefabricated Concrete Elements Plant

Karahoyuk Dam

Ayas Closed and Half Closed Prison Project

Karacal Dam

Training Complex for Dept. of Religious Affairs

Akdegirmen Dam

Ayfarm Golbasi Tower

Ayfarm Reservoir and
Water Infrastructure

  Afsin State Hospital


Turkeli - Ayancik / Taskopru Boyabat Connections Road



Lice 3rd Group Buildings

TKI General Directorate
Road Project


Balgat Sogutozu
Stream Flood Protection


Kralkizi / Dicle Plain P4
Pumping Irrigation