AYDENIZ Building and Industrial Facilities
A prefabricated concrete elements workshop located at Sanliurfa has been established as a subsidiary of Ahmet Aydeniz Construction and operates in the precasting of U-channels, prefabricated beams, culverts, and centrifuge concrete pipes. This workshop has a very large indoor area, numerous sets of steel frameworks, and a vapor curing facility. The facility has an annual capacity of more than 300.000 m precast U-channels and channel accessories, 15.000 m 3 pre-stressed and/or post tensioned fabricated beams, 8.000 m culverts, and 22.000 m concrete pipes for production. This workshop is fully operational and transportation from the workshop to the target sites is available.


This subsidiary acts as a subcontractor for construction works of commercial and industrial structures nationwide. Numerous experienced and resourceful foreman, craftsman, and operators with a rapid logistical mobilization capacity are available to come together under the management of this organization.