•  Efficient usage of prospective and existing resources for the benefit of The Group, employers, country and humanity accordingly

•  Preserving and maturing the corporate culture via acquired ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certification in all our sectors

•  Pursuing for further construction and contracting project opportunities in national market among public and private sector development programs


•  Concentrate on in ever-growing local and international infrastructure and environmental 'key' projects and establishing strategic cooperation with promising foreign partners. Challenge in imperative bids with such international joint ventures/consortiums.

•  Broader market accessibility for consumer fresh and frozen food products

•  Launching a comprehensive feasibility quest for coming tourism investments


•  Group directs a dynamic structure which is benefited from its original roots and experiences that conveys us strong and reliable on the competitive track in the construction market.

•  Group will motivate its capital growth through supporting entrepreneur attempts on tourism, agribusiness, food, engineering and prefabrication.


•  Group envisages to reinforce its executive formation at the doorway of EU accession together with the most eligible employees, along with teamwork essence, making arrangements with national/international strategic partners and by promoting best use of the scientific and operational executive occasions, it is the central aim that to advance Aydeniz Group as a competitive universal company.