Ayfarm, the farming and stockbreeding brand of the group, follows good agricultural practices in its agricultural production; and modern stock breeding techniques and systems in animal husbandry.


Under the title of Ayfarm Agriculture and Stockbreeding, Aydeniz Group has been performing agricultural and stockbreeding activities in fertile regions of our country. Aydeniz Agriculture offers the natural products that it has cultivated in its farms with the brand of “Ayfarm” to the consumers willing to have a healthy life with fresh tastes. Ayfarm products are grown in a cultivable land of approximately 8 million m2, including of the contracted cultivation organizations’, within the scope of “good farming practices” and under the supervision of expert teams. Aydeniz Agriculture has been performing forestation activities with its love of nature, with the respect towards the blessings offered by nature to us and with the wish of leaving a more inhabitable nature to next generations. For this purpose, more than 1,000,000 trees have been planted; production and distribution of saplings have been provided. Aydeniz Agriculture and stockbreeding has been playing a leading role in promoting tree planting. Ayfarm Agriculture and Stockbreeding, which has been growing rapidly and has started investing in stockbreeding sector ,being not only a commercial activity but also having a socio-economical importance in today's Turkey, has been breeding sheep, goats, and cattle.